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Why Progressive Healthcare Facilities Use Physical Security to Improve Safety and Care

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Why Progressive Healthcare Facilities Use Physical Security to Improve Safety and Care

Healthcare remains one of our nation’s most important topics and most significant struggles. That probably does not surprise most people. What may surprise most people is how physical security systems and their features are helping the healthcare industry elevate care like never before.

Like any other industry, healthcare organizations face many unique security threats and see the value of security technologies in addressing those threats. However, today’s progressive healthcare organizations also see the value of using security systems to help improve processes that lead to better care and improve patient satisfaction.

Here are a just a few of the many examples.

Reducing the Likelihood of Violence and Non-Violent Disorderly Conduct

The healthcare environment is often emotionally charged, leading to disorderly conduct as well as violence. Healthcare facilities are addressing this problem by using access control to limit access to patient areas and video surveillance to deter violent acts and confrontations. Having these security measures in place helps patients feel safer, leading to better outcomes.

Controlling Pharmacy Supplies

Many facets of security play a role in controlling drug supplies and delivering better care, including access control, access control, and environmental monitoring. Strictly controlling drug inventory is not just important in meeting federal regulations and providing audit trails. It is also important to patient safety. Without strict controls, the drugs become a major target, which puts patients at risk. Environmental monitoring helps ensure that medications are kept under the proper conditions to maintain their viability and safety.

Protecting Vulnerable People

Another key component of care is protecting vulnerable persons, such as babies. Now, babies can be tagged so that an alarm is triggered if they leave the maternity ward. The same technologies can be used in nursing homes and memory care facilities to track wandering patients.

Access Control to Maintain Information Integrity

Protection of patient information is of the utmost importance requiring a broad spectrum of both IT and physical security solutions. Access control and intrusion systems help maintain the integrity of medical records areas and provide an audit trail.

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