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What are the Advantages of Cloud-based Video Surveillance? Here are our top 8!

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Most of us are no stranger to cloud-based storage applications and know that they can improve software security. But cloud-based storage also offers many important advantages in video surveillance. This list will help you assess if this technology is right for you and your business.

Lower Upfront Capital Expenditures

A well-established benefit of using a cloud-based video surveillance system is the reduced upfront cost, freeing capital to be used in other areas of the business.

Reduced Power Costs

Better utilization means no idle servers and better utilization of the shared infrastructure, resulting in reduced power use and energy costs.

Reduced IT Staffing Costs

Cloud-based managed video storage means a reduced burden on your IT staff and the freedom to redeploy them to income generating tasks. Because your video surveillance system is connected to the cloud, troubleshooting and maintenance can all be done remotely when you need you need it.

Regular Updates

Like any technology, updates are needed regularly to keep the system running smoothly. With a cloud-based system, those updates happen automatically without your intervention.

Increased Stability

A cloud solution has redundant systems to ensure that the cameras are running properly. Also, your data cannot be lost due to other factors such as damaged by fire or flood or otherwise tampered with.

More Storage

One of the reasons to have a video surveillance system is to have important footage when you need it. When storage is limited that valuable data can be overwritten by the time you need it. Cloud-based systems offer considerably more storage, solving this common problem.

Fully Accessible

Another huge advantage to cloud-based video surveillance is that it can be accessed anytime, from anywhere, and exactly when you need it. Because it is cloud-based, it is designed for swift transmittal and eliminates the problems of buffering experienced in conventional systems.

Scalable and Upgradable

Because a cloud-based solution does not require extensive on-site equipment, it is easily scalable and upgradable to grow with your needs.

Cloud-based video surveillance offers a host of cost-efficient features and benefits to those looking for a solution. If you have questions, give us a call! 1-888.5.PROTECT (1.888.577.6832) We are happy to discuss the many solutions available today and help you find the best technology to solve your security needs.

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