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What You Need to Know About Access Control

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As one of only a few security companies that are UL listed for 681 and 2050 high-security alarm installations throughout Texas and Arkansas, we at ProNet Security Solutions see a wide range of security needs and many businesses with questions about how to meet those needs. One of the most common topics is access control, and how it fits into a physical security system.

What is Access Control

Access control installations are an arrangement of controllers, readers, user credentials, and door hardware all designed to function like clockwork based on myriad programming selections to control levels of access to or within a facility. Systems can be as simple or as complex as needed based on the application.

Access Control Is for More Than Security

In addition to providing increased levels of security, access control provides additional advantages. For example, access control systems could provide an audit of who was last to access a certain area to help verify events or can provide insight into how the building traffic flows, or highlight underutilized spaces.

Access Control Systems can be Customized

Every business is unique, so every access control system should also be unique and fit specifically to the needs of the facility. Professional access control systems are custom-built to protect the assets of the business and should employ the appropriate levels of authentication.

Cloud-Based Systems Offer Unprecedented Advantage

Self-managed access control systems require the business operator to manually manage and update each element of their access control system. Not only is this a huge investment of time, but it is also complex and incredibly challenging to change or add security elements to the system. This causes the system to be significantly underutilized or even malfunction.

Cloud-based access control systems eliminate the problems. Updates and maintenance to all elements of the access control system can be done simultaneously and automatically across the network, which can expedite the process of adding features or making changes. Since necessary regular maintenance is handled automatically and in the cloud, system owners can rest assured their system is always running optimally.

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