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Why Do Texas and Arkansas Jewelers Need UL Alarm Systems?

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We’ve all seen the headlines throughout Texas and Arkansas about robbers stealing millions in jewelry, or tragically, attempted robberies that end in injury or fatality. While retailers of all types face serious security threats, those in the jewelry industry are an especially high target for crime. This is why UL Alarm Systems for jewelry stores are an especially high priority. 

What is a UL Listed Alarm

The UL, or Underwriters Laboratories, has worked with the alarm industry, government agencies and consumers for over 90 years to develop standards for alarm companies and services. They do this by assessing alarm companies for their ability to install, maintain, test, inspect, monitor, and communicate with proper authorities and provide runner service. They also test, inspect, validate, and certify alarm and fire systems components for safety, reliability and quality based on UL’s high standards. Without this, there is no way to offer the highest levels of insurance that the alarm will operate properly in the event of a robbery.

Why UL Listed Alarms Matter to Jewelry Businesses

In the jewelry business, a robber can make off with only a few items and still make off with tremendous value. Smash and grab and grab and run thefts are not uncommon to jewelry businesses of all types. This is why UL Alarm systems are such a high priority. There have been instances where nearly all of a jeweler’s inventory was stolen because the alarm did not produce a signal or there was no response after an alarm signal was received. 

Having a UL Listed Alarm gives owners peace of mind that an alarm will signal and that there will be a response to that signal. Also, according to Jewelers Mutual, an insurance provider for the industry, having a current and valid Ul certificate is recognized as a risk mitigator, which contributes to a more favorable insurance premium.

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