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Restaurant Security: A Quick Guide to Keeping Your Restaurant Safe and Secure

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Restaurant security systems and safety procedures are essential in meeting the unique needs and vulnerabilities faced by every branch of the foodservice industry. Identifying the precise needs and how to meet them without detracting from the enjoyment of guests can be problematic for many business owners, however. To help, we’ve created this quick guide to restaurant security. 

An Overview of Common Problems and Vulnerabilities

While different segments of the industry share many of the same vulnerabilities, they may be vulnerable at different levels. The quick-serve segment is closer to more violent crimes and external theft, while restaurants with late hours and alcohol sales are prone to internal theft such as sweethearting and overpours, for example. Identifying and understanding the vulnerabilities will allow you to protect your business and minimize most risks. 


The main security risks for restaurants include:

  • Theft, particularly of cash
  • Burglary
  • Criminal damage
  • Fraud
  • Employee theft 


Security Technologies for Restaurants

  • Video surveillance to cover the front and back of house, and points of sale.
  • Access control limiting access to the office, safe, storage, and any other areas of vulnerability.
  • Intrusion detection to protect the business after hours
  • 24-hour Professional monitoring to ensure emergencies are handled swiftly.  


Important Safety Procedures

  • Set security alarms each night at closing
  • Provide employee training in proper closing and the use of security technologies
  • Practice key and safe control
  • Leave no cash on premises overnight
  • Change your routines regarding shifts and cashboxes so criminals can’t predict your behaviors. 


A lot of security is common sense, but common sense sometimes goes out of the window if you or your employees are tired or distracted for some reason. This is why you need to have set procedures and duties in place that every employee and/or manager on shift has to follow to ensure that you are running a safe and secure ship. 


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