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Boost your security quotient with connected technologies Security has evolved with the arrival of increasingly smart, connected technologies that bolster safety and security through integrated intrusion, video, access control and fire solutions. Could this be the start of the next generation robot that stands guard over your family or business while you sleep?

Intelligent Intrusion Detection How the technology prevents false alarms and yields better reliability Intrusion detectors, also referred to as motion sensors, are a critical component of a physical security solution. These devices can be used to detect an unauthorized presence at the protected facility, as well as integrated with video surveillance to trigger cameras recording[…]

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A Bring Your Own Device World Do you need a policy at your company? With cyber threats on the rise and network security an overriding and constant concern of the end user in corporate, healthcare, education and other vertical markets, what’s the risk when employees bring their own devices (BYOD) to your place of business?[…]

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